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Pet GPS Tracker | Waggi PetFinder Smart ID Tag

Our lives are smart and connected, why aren’t our pets??

At Waggi Connected Pets, we thought there had to be a better way to care for your pet so we developed Waggi PetFinder. It’s a smart ID tag for passionate pet owners who worry if their pet goes missing and seek the re-assurance that they can be re-united with their pet in a safe and faster way.

Our goal is simple – to provide pet owners with better care and health information through accessible technology. Waggi is committed to using new technologies to connect pets and owners.

Our company was created for the purpose of helping pet owners find their lost pets and creating the ability to record and share key information regarding your pets healthcare with owners, guardians or vets. For that reason we have decided to make out My PetProfile ABSOLUTELY free… yes free! You can sign up and register your beloved pet today right here

Keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram for all our news as we enter the exciting new phase of being live, we can’t wait to hear from you all and look forward to sharing our journey with you!