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There are 4 ways to identify the pet and owner. Tap the Waggi PetFinder smart ID tag using an NFC enabled smartphone, its contactless, there are no apps required. Our promise is to reunite owners with missing pets as quickly as possible.

Scan with a QR code reader, input your Waggi unique ID code on the smart tag on our website www.waggi.com

Thanks to Waggi PetFinder, the owner will receive an instant location alert when the Finder reports a missing pet.

No batteries of any type are required.

You can use the tags anywhere internationally. Currently, the Waggi connected pet’s portal is only available in English.

Look out for French, Spanish, and Italian versions next year.

NFC is a contactless technology built into mobile [not only Android] devices since 2012. Anyone with an NFC enabled phone who taps a missing pets wearing a Waggi PetFinder smart ID tag ensures the owner will receive an instant location alert.

When the NFC Tag or QR Code is scanned – the user is asked permission to share their location. Waggi PetFinder then takes the coordinates from the users mobile phone and includes this in an email along with a map link and directions.

A QR (Quick Response) Code is a readable barcode by portable devices via app or camera. QR Codes are a popular standard for fast reliable readability and greater storage capacity than standard barcodes.

Waggi PetFinder smart ID QR Codes when scanned initiates an option to call owner and an instant location alert is sent to the owner.

Scanning QR codes can be performed by any smartphone with a QR reader app installed.

Apple Phone (go to app store)

  • QR Code Reader
  • Quick Scan – QR Code Reader
  • Neo Reader

Android Google Phone (go to google play store app)

  • QR Droid
  • Neo Reader
  • i-nigma QR Scanner

Windows Phone (go to Store app)

  • Built in. Go to Camera, Lens, Bing Vision
  • QR for Cortana (newer 8.1 and windows10 phones)
  • QR Code Reader

The Waggi PetFinder Smart ID Tags are designed to be pet friendly, light enough to be comfortable and strong enough to sustain your dog’s daily routine.

We have two sorts of smart tags – Circular alloy and Oval alloy surround with an epoxy centre.

The Waggi PetFinder smart tag is water resistant.

Visit the Waggi pet platform to update your My PetProfile 24/7 at www.waggi.com

Waggi connected pets platform runs on a secured cloud platform. All owner, pet and registration information are encrypted when transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Waggi PetFinder smart tag users can decide the information they wish to make available to the public via the My PetProfile public information access webpage only. The owner can change these privacy settings anytime.

Owners can decide the information they are comfortable in sharing with the public from the My PetProfile public information access webpage only. All other access to your information can only be done by the registered owner.

Owners have full privacy control over their My PetProfile data. You select what you want to be visible and opt in to allow more information on demand when a pet goes missing. Following Privacy settings are:

  • Owner Name
  • Owners Address
  • Owners Contact Numbers
  • Pet Name
  • Vet Details
  • Pet Medical History
  • Pet Personal information – age/breed/colour/spayed or neutered
  • Pet Markings
  • Pet Food details
  • Pet Allergies
  • Micro Chip Number

No it’s free. You have access to change any information 24/7 via your MyPetProfile.

No app is required.
You can access the Waggi portal on any device by opening your preferred browser and navigating to https://app.waggi.com or scan NFC or QR Code.

Yes, there is an annual subscription cost for EU pet owners of €12, just €1 per month or UK pet owners of £12, just £1 per month.

When you buy and activate a Waggi PetFinder smart ID tag you can avail of instant location alerts if your unique tag is scanned, tapped or contacted. Plus, health alerts and your free My PetProfile at no additional cost.

  1. Register account at www.waggi.com (username and password)
  2. Enter owners information (Name, Address and Phone)
  3. Subscribe to Waggi PetFinder service – visit “activate subscription”
  4. Activate Tag, using the activation code on the tag and enter My PetProfile information.

It’s as simple as that! Attach your Waggi PetFinder Tag to your dog’s collar and you will have more peace of mind.

You can register owner and pet details to create a Waggi My PetProfile.

Once you buy your Waggi PetFinder smart ID tag you can complete your registration subscription which will activate the tag.

No. However you can have multiple pets per owner.

No. If a PetFinder tag is replaced you can simply update your pet ID number.

This feature is currently under development. The alternative is to activate another tag under the same registration and duplicate the pet information.

  • Login to www.waggi.com
  • In the edit PetProfilepage, navigate to the pet you want to edit
  • In the ‘My Pet Name is [pet name]’ box select the ‘Edit My Details’ button
  • Waggi My PetProfile page launched, and you can change all Pet Details and Privacy settings

Privacy settings are split between Owner and Pets.

  • Login to https://app.waggi.com
  • In the summary page, under “Pet Summary” section, select ‘Owner & My PetProfile View’
  • Owner changes: Select the ‘Owner Details’ Tab on the left and select orange ‘Edit’ button
  • Pet details changes: Select the My PetProfile tab on the left and select orange ‘Edit’ button
  • Privacy settings are the checkboxes (checked means it will allow public access to that data)

This is referred to as the finder’s pet information or Public Pet Webpage. You can access this page in several ways:

  • Login to https://app.waggi.com
  • In the summary page, navigate to the pet and select ‘Public Page – My Own PetPage’


  • Scan NFC or QR on your Waggi PetFinder smart ID Tag with your smartphone


  • Open the website URL on the tag in a browser from your smartphone, device, or computer

If you want to send the My PetProfile page to someone, send them the same (full) URL that is displayed on the Waggi PetFinder smart ID Tag.

You would have to take a lost dog to a Veterinary Surgery for the microchip to be scanned by an RFID reader.

  • Waggi PetFinder enables immediate location alert and contact without any further intervention. Anyone with a smart phone can initiate contact with the owners.
  • Waggi PetFinder provides the best assurance in recovering missing pets.
Pet GPS Tracker | Waggi PetFinder Smart ID Tag
Pet GPS Tracker | Waggi PetFinder Smart ID Tag
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