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Crufts is the world’s largest dog show and we were there!

Where do we start, we had the best time at Crufts and loved meeting so many passionate pet owners… from dogs to tortoises, you were there!

It was so exciting to see and hear it first hand how interested the visitors were about Smart Pet technology. It really is an exciting time to be going live and we thank you for all your comments and feedback. There are so many variables when you think about your pets safety when they are outdoors and our key message is why have a dumb tag when you can have a smart tag for your beloved pet… most of you agreed!

Congratulations to all the show winners, the Agility & Gundog Championship is fascinating to watch. We snook of any chance we got to enjoy the shows, The Kennel Club really do such a fantastic job. We definitely picked up a lot of tips for our own dogs!

Our pals Simply2 & AgriPet were also there and had a great show, did you see them?

Tell us what you enjoyed most about Crufts?

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